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Legal news from attorneys and law firms drives the success of today’s lawyer. No other form of law firm marketing has the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of readers, websites, blogs, news networks, news outlets, and most importantly, potential clients.

Using Law Firm Newswire’s distribution outlets, your legal news can reach the targeted websites, news outlets, and improve your law firm’s rankings. Through syndication, headline appearances, and Law Firm Newswire’s unmatched list of premium features, your attorney press releases can not only carry your news, but also a map to your office, your website embedded directly into your press release, and a feed displaying your most recent blog posts linking back to your law firm’s website.

Latest Releases

  • Men Should Receive Equal Right to Spousal Support, Says Family Law Attorney Lisa McDevitt

    Fairfax, VA (Law Firm Newswire) February 4, 2016 – While spousal support has traditionally been granted to women, men who seek alimony have not been as successful in obtaining such financial support from their ex-wives. Consider the following scenarios. A separation occurs between spouses in [...]

  • More Couples Wait Until After Holidays to Divorce

    Orange County, CA (Law Firm Newswire) January 26, 2016 - March has earned the nickname “Divorce Month” according to divorce trends over the past several years. December has historically had a lower number of divorce filings. Although couples may be thinking about divorce, they are often [...]

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