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Latest Releases

  • Jeremy Saint Becomes Partner at Crary Huff Law Firm

    Sioux City, IA (Law Firm Newswire) March 28, 2014 – The Law Offices of Crary, Huff, Ringgenberg, Hartnett & Storm, PC are pleased to announce that Jeremy Saint has been made a principal with the law firm. Jeremy has been with the firm since 2007 and practices primarily in, but is not [...]

  • Have You Hired a Lawyer? Get Paid for Feedback by Joining a Custom Legal Marketing Focus Group

    Participants are paid to review branding material and provide feedback on proposed designs. San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) March 18, 2014 – When law firms rebrand, create new marketing literature or design a new website, they want to know what their target market thinks. Anyone who [...]

Family Law
  • Online Mugshots Do Not Mean The Individual Is Guilty As Charged

    Lakeland, FL (Law Firm Newswire) April 15, 2014 – Online mugshots may suggest to viewers that the person is guilty. This is not necessarily the case. “Everyone who may be charged with a crime in the United States is innocent until proven guilty. There are a number of important statutes [...]

  • Higher Blood Alcohol Content May Result in More Serious Drunk Driving Charges

    Flint, MI (Law Firm Newswire) April 3, 2014 – In the state of Michigan, more serious charges apply to drivers alleged to be driving with unusually high blood alcohol content (BAC), says a prominent Michigan drunk driving attorney, “Drivers whose blood alcohol content is alleged to be [...]

Criminal Law
Business Law
  • Not All Cars Involved in Collisions with Bikers Remain at the Scene

    Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) April 16, 2014 – Most people, when involved in an accident, remain at the scene. Some do not. “Motorcycle and car collisions are usually non-survivable for the biker. They do not have enough protection and usually end up being ejected from their ride. In this [...]

  • Horrendous Abuse In Nursing Homes Documented Says New Study

    Sacramento, CA (Law Firm Newswire) April 10, 2014 – Serious sexual, physical, verbal and psychological abuse is revealed in a recent study released by the Special Investigations Division of the House Government Reform Committee. “The findings in this committee’s report are [...]

Personal Injury
  • Texan Elder Law Attorney Offers Guide to US News And World Report’s Nursing Home Ratings

    Waxahachie, TX (Law Firm Newswire) April 10, 2014 – In late February, U.S. News & World Report released its 2014 evaluation of the “Best Nursing Homes” across the country. The ratings cover every state and every major metropolitan area in the United States. An overall score from [...]

  • New Medicare Advantage Rules Proposed to Protect Seniors

    Waxahachie, TX (Law Firm Newswire) April 4, 2014 – In the autumn of 2013, UnitedHealthcare dropped thousands of doctors across the country from its Medicare Advantage plans. At least ten states were affected. Nearly 16 million people are enrolled in Medicare Advantage, and many struggled [...]

Esate Planning