» Orange County Family Lawyer Helps with Stepparent Adoptions

Orange County Family Lawyer Helps with Stepparent Adoptions

Whether a child’s other biological parent is deceased, no longer wishes to be involved in the child’s life or has agreed to terminate his or her parental rights, a stepparent’s adoption of his or her partner’s child can have a tremendous positive influence on that child’s life. Orange County stepparent adoption attorney Gerald Maggio offers some tips to ensure the process is completed without any significant setbacks.

Orange County, CA (Law Firm Newswire) September 16, 2010 - Having two involved parents in a child’s life

Orange County Family Law Firm, The Maggio Law Firm

Orange County Divorce Firm, The Maggio Law Firm

can provide a certain amount of stability and comfort that one parent may not be able to provide on his or her own. A stepparent can become a key figure in that child’s life, and contribute to his or her future in immeasurable ways.

“An adoption permanently changes a family tree,” Maggio said. “It can be a suitable decision for a stepparent who has already taken on a role as an involved parental figure in the life of his or her partner’s child whose biological father or mother is no longer around.”

In California, to begin the process, parents complete the initial paperwork and a probate court investigator visits the adopting parent’s residence. The investigator will also interview the child and ask what his or her desires are. Children over 12 must provide written consent to be adopted by the stepparent. The family must then schedule a hearing, providing written proof from the remaining parent and a statement of consent from the uninvolved or terminating parent, if he or she is alive. The family must then attend the hearing, where the court will likely approve the process if the proper steps had been followed up to that point.

The process can be complicated, and can take some time. However, with the consent of both birth parents, if applicable, and if the stepparent is an involved and committed member of the child’s life, the court is likely to approve the process and cement the new family together. However, it would be wise for an adopting stepparent and the rest of the family to contact an experienced California stepparent adoption attorney to ensure the process runs smoothly and without incident.

“We use every available legal tool to ensure that stepparent adoptions handled by our firm will not be reversible for any reason,” Maggio said.

To learn more about the Maggio Law Firm, or to contact an Orange County stepparent adoption attorney, Orange County Divorce Lawyer, Orange County Divorce Attorney, or Orange County Custody Lawyer visit http://www.maggiolawfirm.com.

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