» Gregory D. Jordan Says Franchise Owners Should not Fight without a Lawyer

Gregory D. Jordan Says Franchise Owners Should not Fight without a Lawyer

Gregory D. Jordan, an experienced Austin business attorney and Austin franchise lawyer, offers some insights to franchisees experiencing legal issues.

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) October 13, 2010 - Franchise businesses are some of the most popular models in the business world. They allow entrepreneurs to quickly and efficiently open new businesses in their communities and potentially generate substantial profits based on proven trademarks and infrastructures.

Austin Business Litigation Lawyer and Employment Attorney, Gregory D. Jordan

Austin Business Litigation Lawyer and Employment Attorney, Gregory D. Jordan

However, both parties are bound by a sometimes-intricate set of obligations to one another. When a party fails to meet those obligations, disputes inevitably arise between franchisor and franchisee. Due to the complexity of laws relating to franchise businesses, Austin business lawyer and Austin franchise attorney Gregory D. Jordan suggests contacting an experienced franchise attorney in these cases.

“There are a mass of laws, regulations and contract arrangements that are unique to franchise situations,” Jordan said. “We encourage you to contact a franchise lawyer who is experienced and well-informed in handling franchise litigation problems if you find yourself faced with a franchise dispute. Often acting quickly is essential. If you allow the franchisor to violate the agreement for an extended period of time, you could waive valuable rights.”

Sometimes it might be important to enjoin the franchisor. For example, a franchisee might need to prevent the franchisor from opening a competing store in its area, or force the franchisor to supply it with goods. In these situations where entire livelihoods are on the line, it is best to contact a franchise lawyer who will quickly and aggressively represent the franchisee’s interests.

“A reliable business litigation lawyer with franchise experience will review a client’s franchise agreement and any relevant facts related to the case, advise him or her whether there is a valid legal claim or defense, and talk with the client about their rights and all available courses of action,” Jordan said. “If the case cannot be reasonably resolved, your attorney should aggressively prosecute or defend your case, and seek injunctive relief where appropriate.”

As an experienced and knowledgeable Austin franchise lawyer, Gregory D. Jordan has been involved in a multitude of different franchise disputes, usually representing franchisees in cases involving contract claims, fraud allegations, other business torts and negligence claims. Jordan has also resolved issues relating to royalties and compensation payments, business exclusivity agreements, support provisions, advertising and marketing, location arrangements and purchase and supply disputes.

To learn more, contact Austin employment lawyer and Austin business attorney, Gregory D. Jordan or visit http://www.theaustintriallawyer.com.

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