» Dating During a Divorce May Be A Bad Idea According to Orange County Divorce Attorney

Dating During a Divorce May Be A Bad Idea According to Orange County Divorce Attorney

Orange County, CA (Law Firm Newswire) January 28, 2011 - One would think pursuing a relationship would not be a big deal during divorce proceedings since the marriage is being terminated anyway. People are tempted to seek or pursue relationships at this time because it fills a void and can offer some emotional support during the trying times of a divorce, but legally it is bad practice.

Orange County Divorce Firm, The Maggio Law Firm

Orange County Divorce Firm, The Maggio Law Firm

The action of involving and introducing a new relationship can have lasting effects on decisions and outcomes of divorce proceedings. The legal standpoint of dating during divorce procedures still implies that one is still technically married well up until the day the divorce is finalized. Believe it or not, the new relationship can weigh heavily on court decisions when it comes to dividing assets, spousal support and child custody. The reason for this is the implication of one’s character, and begs to question morals.

The emotional standpoint; however, is that both parties are engulfed in emotional turmoil during the divorce. Introducing or pursuing a relationship might enrage or offend a spouse. This can prove detrimental and negatively affect court decisions, especially when the enraged spouse might to decide to take every measure to make divorce proceedings difficult and add more stress to the situation as the divorce moves forward.

“There can be repercussions when dating while you are in the midst of a divorce,” said Gerald A. Maggio from The Maggio Law Firm, an Orange County divorce lawyer. “The decision to date while divorcing should not be taken lightly. Don’t date while divorcing, point blank. Wait until the divorce is final.”

Platonic relationships with the opposite sex, however innocent they may be, are still a social contact and could raise suspicions of a sexual or romantic one in the eyes of the bereft or jilted spouse. The presence of someone new parading in front of the spouse and children and can start a suspicion of an affair, and the new partner can be deposed and subjected to questioning by the other lawyer – subpoenaed and forced to testify under oath.

Dating during a divorce will draw further scrutiny and make it even more complicated, increasing both stress and cost of the divorce trial and proceedings.

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