» Medical Malpractice At Birth May Result In Cerebral Palsy

Medical Malpractice At Birth May Result In Cerebral Palsy

Cleveland, OH (Law Firm Newswire) April 22, 2011 - Giving birth is a dangerous thing to do. At any point during the process, medical malpractice may happen.

The Mellino Law Firm has Cleveland Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Attorneys

The Mellino Law Firm has Cleveland Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Attorneys

“The parents who find out that their newborn has suffered brain damage at birth or shortly after being born are in deep shock. They went into hospital expecting a healthy baby. What they went home with was a brain damaged baby as a result of birth injuries,” said Christopher Mellino. Mellino is a Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer of the Mellino Law Firm LLC, in Ohio.

Birth injuries do not always happen, but the chances of something going wrong during labor are relatively high. Giving birth is not for the faint of heart. Giving birth is for the careful and safe delivery of the little one. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Whether that is the result of a tired doctor, one in a hurry, one under the influence or one that does not have a lot of experience, the end result of a delivery gone wrong could well be cerebral palsy. “Sadly, this happens quite a lot and as a result, it is considered to be a relatively common birth injury,” Mellino said.

This kind of injury is permanent and affects the baby’s nervous system, overall body movement, coordination and muscle control, not to mention their learning ability and eyesight. It is a pervasive disease and there is no cure for it. Parents and the child can only cope as well as they can with cerebral palsy.

“Typically, there are four types of cerebral palsy: spastic, ataxic, atheoid and mixed. Symptoms of any of these palsies may be seen as early as three months, when the parents note their child is delayed developmentally and isn’t walking or crawling normally,” Mellino said.

The most common form of cerebral palsy is spastic, in which the child exhibits jerky and stiff movements. They also have trouble letting go of things. With ataxic palsy, the child will experience poor motor skills and balance and a lack of coordination. The atheoid form of cerebral palsy results in muscle spasms; otherwise referred to as involuntary muscle spasms. Mixed cerebral palsy is a combination of any of the four palsies. Just about 20 percent of all babies born with cerebral palsy will be born with mixed palsy.

“If your baby was born with cerebral palsy, please, give my office a call. I would love to discuss your case with you. The first consultation is completely free and we can go over the details of your child’s birth to determine if medical malpractice was the cause of your child’s condition. If you choose to hire my firm and there is no obligation to do so, we will aggressively represent you and your child in court to obtain justice and fair compensation,” Mellino said.

To learn more or to contact a Cleveland Medical Malpractice attorney or Cleveland malpractice attorney, visit http://www.christophermellino.com.

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