» Sugar Land a Beacon of International Diversity

Sugar Land a Beacon of International Diversity

Houston, TX (Law Firm Newswire) July 6, 2011 - Sugar Land in the greater Houston area is a great example of how immigrants can make a good impact on their community. The area used to be Imperial Sugar’s headquarters, which encompassed most of the town’s activities. But with worldwide companies moving into the town from the 1980s on, Sugar Land has dynamically changed for the better.

The city’s 85,000 residents are made up of a diverse base of citizens, many attracted to the good school system. Asian, Indian, Hispanic and African Americans all account for a large part of the diversity. The area is becoming a prominent medical center and oil and gas companies call Sugar Land home. Ingenious, a technology company focusing on energy, oil, and the gas industries, employs engineers and workers from Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, and Syria. It is headquartered in Sugar Land and has offices in Mumbai, Jakarta and Bahrain. "We operate from Houston," said Ingenious’ CEO Vibhu Sharma. "We serve the globe."

Sugar Land vies to outshine the Galleria, the Woodlands, and Houston’s other enclaves as the best workplace and melting pot, says Regina Morales, the city’s director of economic development. The city has won the “Community of Respect” awards numerous times and is seen as a city that respects, celebrates and promotes multi-cultural diversity.

“So many people feel a connection to Sugar Land,” says Texas immigration attorney Annie Banerjee. “Many of Sugar Land’s business owners have journeyed from overseas, and now contribute to the local economy.”

Attorney Banerjee is an immigrant herself from Kolkata, India and moved to the area to attend the South Texas College of Law. During her 10 years of practicing law, she has guided Fortune 500 oil, bio-tech, IT, multinational manufacturing companies, and small businesses on their immigration law matters. The Law Offices of Annie Banerjee in Sugar Land are proud to be a part of this diverse community.

The Law Offices of Annie Banerjee counsels biotech, IT, oil and gas, and multinational manufacturing companies throughout Houston and Texas. Houston immigration lawyer Annie Banerjee also helps small businesses and assists family members of H-1B applicants, too. Her expertise will help expedite the application, so the best chances for approval before the H-1B cap is reached can be met. To learn more, visit http://www.visatous.com.

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