» An Experienced Los Angeles Entertainment Attorney Helps Industry Overcome Legal Issues

An Experienced Los Angeles Entertainment Attorney Helps Industry Overcome Legal Issues

Los Angeles, CA (Law Firm Newswire) August 16, 2011 - The recent weeks of content from Hollywood entertainment industry magazines almost read like court dockets. A Los Angeles producer sues a big-time movie studio. A reality TV show contract is leaked, and whoever did it will be on the hook for a $5 million penalty. A musician is sued for copyright infringement for sampling a song from decades ago. And the legal battles just keep going.

Anthony Spotora

Anthony Spotora

The entertainment industry generates trillions of dollars globally, and an important part of that is upholding the rights of key players from top talent, production houses, studios, agencies, networks, managers, and distributors. Behind nearly every big mover and shaker is an experienced entertainment attorney who is successful in negotiations and litigation. In litigation it takes aggressive and sophisticated legal counsel to maneuver the complex world of Hollywood entertainment.

“Oftentimes negotiations fall short, and the only way to advance and fight for your client’s rights is litigation,” said Los Angeles entertainment lawyer Anthony Spotora at Spotora & Associates. “What sets us apart from the throngs of Hollywood lawyers is our hands-on approach and personalized attention. Our clients are not just another file number but a part of our law family and know that they can count on us in goods times and bad.”

Spotora & Associates attorneys have handled countless entertainment law matters and secured victorious awards, judgments, and settlements for its clients. Their litigation team is recognized for their leadership, tenacity, and handling even the most complex of cases.

Anthony Spotora, the CEO and Managing Attorney of the firm, is a four-time nominee of California’s “Super Lawyers” award, lauded with Entertainment Today’s “Best of LA” award, and has been a requested speaker for UCLA’s Entertainment Program and on CBS Radio. He previously worked in Warner Bros’ Corporate Legal Department and its Television Production’s Legal Affairs office. He also was a general legal advisor at Columbia Motion Picture Group for Sony Pictures Entertainment.

To learn more, talk to a Los Angeles Business Lawyer or Los Angeles business Attorney by visiting http://www.spotoralaw.com/.

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