» SEO | Law Firm News Center Gets Face-Lift as Readership Soars

SEO | Law Firm News Center Gets Face-Lift as Readership Soars

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) September 2, 2011 SEO | Law Firm recently gave its Legal News Center a big face-lift. When SEO | Law Firm rebranded last month, it also increased the amount of content and engaging images on the Legal News Center. Its writers produce hundreds of content pieces for clients every month, so SEO | Law Firm wanted to give these professional journalists an outlet to show their talent. The focus is on news magazine style columns and getting deeper into legal news topics.

“The columns by our team of accomplished writers showcase exclusive, breaking news stories that law firms will enjoy and gain something from,” said SEO | Law Firm Legal News Center Editor Krystina Steffen.

The SEO | Law Firm Legal News Center provides unique viewpoints on latest legal topics and is picked up by premier news outlets across the nation.

Each week, the respected writers delve into topics covering the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress, technology and science, politics, and In Good Practice – a general interest section. The Legal News Center takes an intellectual, unique point of view on stories that are essential to know and cutting-edge topics. Readership has soared since the launch nearly two years ago and columns have been read by big movers and shakers in the legal world and judiciary.

“The legal community connects with our writers' sharp analysis of current stories that matter to the field,” said Steffen. “They appreciate our in-depth coverage and thought-provoking pieces.”

Along with the exclusive articles and features, readers can listen to podcasts and subscribe to a weekly email newsletter. The SEO | Law Firm Legal News Center maintains an ethical division between the news coverage and the parent company's objectives. The Legal News Center writers are committed to integrity, accuracy, and expert insight on the topics that they write every week.

Adviatech Corporation is the parent company of SEO | Law Firm. SEO | Law Firm maintains solid partnerships with leading news affiliates and is an innovator of SEO strategies for law firms across the nation. To learn more about SEO | Law Firm or to visit the Legal News Center, go to http://www.seolawfirm.com/newsroom/ or call 1.800.728.5306.

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