» Supervised Visitation Can Help a Child and Parent Interact After a Divorce

Supervised Visitation Can Help a Child and Parent Interact After a Divorce

Riverside County, CA (Law Firm Newswire) September 19, 2011 - Riverside County child custody attorney Gerald Maggio has worked with many parents this year to encourage the child-parent relationship even after a stressful divorce. In some cases, custody is only granted to one parent and the other parent can only see their child with a monitor supervising. In family law cases where there are instances of domestic violence, or a history of drug or alcohol abuse, a parent will not likely get custody of their child for five years.

“Supervised visitation will be allowed if the other parent is showing steps to get better, like attending counseling or rehabilitation,” said Maggio, of the Maggio Law Firm. “An approved monitor or professional supervisor can facilitate the visitation at an approved center or off-site location.”

Orange County Divorce Firm, The Maggio Law Firm

Orange County Divorce Firm, The Maggio Law Firm

The supervisor and parent will be able to positively interact with the child. Off-site visits can allow the non-custodial parent to enjoy places like the zoo, playgrounds, malls, and restaurants with their child. The non-custodial parent is responsible for the cost, but there are many programs for an individual’s budget. And the supervisor will have the non-custodial parent leave before the other parent comes to pick up the child. In scenarios where a child is in a different state, a supervisor will monitor telephone or video conferences with the non-custodial parent and child.

“Supervision allows the interaction to be safe, neutral, and yet still allow the child to have both of their parents in their lives,” said Maggio. “What can start out as an awkward way to interact with a child with a monitor over your shoulder will become a way for the individual to prove that they are capable of being a good parent.”

The Maggio Law Firm counsels clients through all the steps of a divorce, including child custody and parenting agreements. They are known for their compassion, experience, and tenacity to get the best possible visitation arrangement for a child and parent. To learn more about the Maggio Law Firm or to contact an Riverside County divorce attorney, visit http://www.maggiolawfirm.com.

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