» Individuals Should Have a Bankruptcy Game Plan When Filing

Individuals Should Have a Bankruptcy Game Plan When Filing

Brandon, FL (Law Firm Newswire) October 31, 2011 - More than 1500 people filed for bankruptcy in the greater Tampa Bay area in the latest statistics. Brandon bankruptcy attorney Reginald Osenton helps many clients with all the steps of a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. But he notes that “…having your game plan together when filing for bankruptcy can greatly affect the outcome.”

Attorney Osenton knows how to ensure that the paperwork is filled out correctly and hearings go smoothly for an individual’s bankruptcy case. He is an expert at making the creditor’s meeting have the best outcome for a client. And he will help with any questions along the way. But individuals must be committed to the hard work that is required of them during a bankruptcy.

“The courts want to see your latest paystubs, bank statements, tax returns, and assets to ensure that you truly need a bankruptcy,” Osenton said. “If you wait too long between wanting to file for bankruptcy and actually getting your documents together, a lot can happen.”

Job changes, other sources of income, gift monies, and even things that happen in daily life can modify which form of bankruptcy a person is eligible for. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, individuals have lower income levels and a bankruptcy allows them to wipe out debt completely. Chapter 13 is for individuals with higher income and pays off debts over a three to five year period. Individuals who are married must disclose the income of their spouse even when a bankruptcy just involves one spouse.

“The decision to file for bankruptcy is a serious one, and individuals should not procrastinate to get all the documents they must show to ensure the proceedings happen in a timely manner,” said Osenton.

Osenton Law Offices is known for its skilled, compassionate legal advice to help individuals with all their bankruptcy concerns. The law firm also hosts free monthly seminars for individuals and families to learn more about bankruptcy and alternatives. To learn more or to contact a Brandon bankruptcy lawyer or to contact a Brandon lawyer, visit http://www.brandonlawoffice.com.

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