» Falling In Love For the Holidays Calls For Prenuptial Agreement and Counseling

Falling In Love For the Holidays Calls For Prenuptial Agreement and Counseling

Orange County, CA (Law Firm Newswire) December 29, 2011 - Some divorced individuals become depressed at the holidays and start to look for love, sometimes in the wrong places. Ed Housewright, an author and twice divorced dad says the holidays as a single person, even with kids in tow, are far better single than dealing with stress. His stress used to include fights with the wife over money spent on gifts, the relatives, and travelling during the holidays. As part of Single Dad House, an online resource for single dads, Ed now knows how to go about relationships.

Orange County Divorce Firm, The Maggio Law Firm

Orange County Family Law Firm, The Maggio Law Firm

“We see this time and again in family law,” said Orange County divorce attorney Gerald Maggio. “A divorcee finds a new love interest around the holidays and becomes encompassed by that person. Celebrate your single life with the kids and give the new relationship more time than jumping into marriage again so quickly.”

Housewright admitted he did not go about marriage the right way. He married two times without asking the hard questions about commitment. If he ever decides to get married a third time, he will definitely go through marriage counseling. The single dad says that no person is perfect, but that counseling will bring out the surprises and areas of concern that might only come out months or years after marriage. This will show each person if they are still committed to the other person.

“He likens it to a house inspection, so you can know all the different sides of your mate,” said Maggio. “Another important part is getting a prenuptial agreement created so that each person is clear of how they come into the marriage and what the biggest priorities are too.”

A prenuptial agreement can detail the assets and debts the two have, separate and marital property, and estate plan wishes. Also any concerns and transfer of monies to children from a previous marriage and any other financial based matters can be included in a prenuptial. Maggio stresses that he takes time with each client to tailor a prenuptial for their needs.

“Prenuptials are one of the best ways to be completely ready for marriage or remarriage,” said Maggio. “It is a good investment of your time and energy.”

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