» Prepare For New Schedule and Traditions as a Single Parent at the Holidays

Prepare For New Schedule and Traditions as a Single Parent at the Holidays

Riverside County, CA (Law Firm Newswire) December 8, 2011 - Holidays are a special time of year. “If this is your first Christmas as a divorced parent, take time to prepare yourself ahead of time,” said Riverside County divorce lawyer Gerald Maggio. “Work out any kinks that you foresee in the parenting agreement ahead of time so the kids can celebrate the holidays without stress and arguing.”

Part of having a new opportunity to celebrate the holidays with the kids should be spent on thinking what the kids would like to do and what new traditions might be good to start. Blogs out there are filled with single parents letting the kids decorate the tree without any adult formality. Or have the kids pick the day to celebrate Christmas in case it is the year for the other parent to have them.

Orange County Divorce Firm, The Maggio Law Firm

Orange County Divorce Firm, The Maggio Law Firm

“Prepare yourself to feel some moments of nostalgia from when your family unit was together,” said Maggio. “But don’t start to blame the kids or put all your emotions on them. Remember the spirit of what the holidays are about and celebrate moments of cheer and togetherness.”

If it is the ex’s turn to have the kids, and Christmas is a solo adventure, get together with some friends or find a retreat to focus on what to be grateful for. The holiday hype and perfection that is sold in an ad hardly ever happens in reality, so get in the mindset that this day will be peaceful and stress-free, no matter what.

“And if you come out of the holidays needing a change to the parenting schedule or holiday visitation plan, this is something we can work on,” said Maggio. “A parenting agreement grows over time and can be modified as long as there are strong reasons to do so and it is fair to the kids.”

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