» Car Drivers Just Do Not See Bikers Says Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

Car Drivers Just Do Not See Bikers Says Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

Atlanta, GA (Law Firm Newswire) January 20, 2012 - There are far too many inattentive drivers on the roads today. This reported case, involving a police officer, clearly demonstrates that.

Stephen Ozcomert is an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

Stephen Ozcomert is an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

“When you practice personal injury law, including handling motorcycle crash cases, you sometimes think you just may have seen it all,” commented Stephen Ozcomert, an Atlanta injury lawyer in Georgia who practices personal injury, accidents and malpractice law. “Then, along comes a case like this one that makes you realize you have not seen it all and that there never seems to be an end to driver inattentiveness that can maim and kill.”

In a great number of motorcycle accidents, the other driver is often heard to say they never saw the biker or the motorcycle. “It was like the person and the bike did not even exist,” added Ozcomert. In a recently reported case, a highway patrol officer was badly injured after helping other drivers at the scene of a car accident.

The officer had arrived at the scene of the car accident, which involved a VW Jetta and a Dodge Ram. It was not a pretty scene and it took some time to clear. When the Ram was safely taken off the highway, the officer hopped on his motorcycle and went to assist the driver of the Jetta in moving his car.

“Here is where the story takes a strange twist. As the officer approached the Jetta, the driver, a 23-year-old man, made a sudden right-hand turn, while trying to get off the highway. The Jetta creamed the officer and his motorcycle, ejecting him into the air. His injuries were severe. The car driver was driving without a license,” outlined Ozcomert.

Negligence? “Most definitely there was negligence here. Not only because the 23-year-old was driving without a license, but because of the way he was driving and not paying attention to his surroundings. It is relatively hard to miss a cop on a motorcycle, as they don’t exactly ride small bikes, but somehow the man did and that inattention almost cost the officer his life,” Ozcomert stated.

Aside from the fact the 23-year-old will be charged with several criminal offenses, he may well face a personal injury lawsuit filed by the policeman. Someone has to be responsible for the officer’s medical bills, recovery expenses, lost wages and other recovery expenses.

“Been in an accident caused by someone else and needed to spend time in the hospital? I’d welcome your call to discuss your case. You will want to know your rights, how a case may proceed and what you may expect in terms of compensation. That’s my job. I am here to help you,” said Ozcomert.

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