» Trademark Dispute Pits Baseball Team Against Movie Studio Reports Los Angeles Trademark Lawyer

Trademark Dispute Pits Baseball Team Against Movie Studio Reports Los Angeles Trademark Lawyer

Los Angeles, CA (Law Firm Newswire) February 14, 2012 - The Atlanta Braves’ owners, the Atlanta National League Baseball Club (ANLBC), are in negotiations with the Walt Disney Company over an upcoming summer movie title. The Walt Disney Company and Pixar first started out calling its movie “The Bear and the Bow”, but is now calling it “Brave”. The movie is about an archer who must stop a curse before it unleashes chaos in the kingdom she lives in.

The ANLBC says that fans will likely confuse the movie with the Atlanta Braves baseball team. They state that the singular form of the word is used on merchandise and the media and fans often say it when referencing solo players.

Anthony Spotora

Anthony Spotora

“Trademark law helps to establish boundaries so that businesses do not mislead consumers to buy their products and businesses do not have to suffer from competition that is looking to trade off their profitable name or goodwill,” said Los Angeles entertainment litigation lawyer Anthony Spotora.

Trademark owners must protect their intellectual property rights, and many feel that all reasonable actions to prevent misuse, abandonment, and having them fall into public domain should be carefully monitored.

Currently, the two companies are in private negotiations over the movie name and the objections the ANLBC has. Some past disputes between movie studios and businesses have led to courtroom proceedings. Trademark infringement cases often involve disputes alleging unfair competition and how the guilty party should have requested licensing rights if a name or product association was vital.

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