» Irvine Divorce Attorney Highlights What Creates the Best Outcome for Divorce Proceedings

Irvine Divorce Attorney Highlights What Creates the Best Outcome for Divorce Proceedings

Irvine, CA (Law Firm Newswire) March 16, 2012 - Going through a divorce is unchartered territory for most clients and the traumatic set of events that have led to a dissolution of a marriage make each day a bit rocky. “I often get asked how can I make my divorce have the best outcome?” noted Irvine divorce attorney Gerald Maggio. “The best answer is to stay focused, be organized, and be flexible for the changes to come.”

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What does it mean to stay focused? Most importantly, separate an attorney from a therapist. Use the time with an attorney to come up with a game plan for child support, the parenting agreement, property division, and any special concerns. Try as much as possible to keep anger, resentment, and loss from delaying the inevitable. “Our legal advice will help you have reasonable expectations of what is fair in your divorce, not wage a war against your ex,” said Maggio. “I advocate for your rights, but divorce proceedings are a give and take time where you must be flexible on what the final outcome will be.”

Maggio highlights that most clients have many questions as new concerns unfold during a divorce. It is best to keep a log of questions, records of what an ex has or hasn't done for the kids during this transition, and be sure to separate financial accounts and change passwords. “We've seen cases spin out of control when a client speed dials us with every question or every time the ex gets vindictive,” said Maggio. “We can work best on your behalf when everyone understands that a divorce is a marathon. The best outcome happens when you are organized, as poised as possible, and have the right attitude to get onto a better part of your life.”

The Maggio Law Firm is known for first-rate client service and helping individuals achieve their divorce goals in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. With compassion and skill, they help clients from the initial free consultation to resolving complex marriage dissolution matters.

To learn more about the Maggio Law Firm or to contact a Irvine family law attorney or Irvine divorce attorney, visit http://www.maggiolawfirm.com.

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