» Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Indicates Motorists Do Not See Bikers

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Indicates Motorists Do Not See Bikers

Atlanta, GA (Law Firm Newswire) May 9, 2012 - Too often these days motorcyclists end up involved in horrific accidents with other vehicles. Many times the drivers say they never saw the biker.

Stephen Ozcomert is an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

Stephen Ozcomert is an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

“This reported case is typical of the kinds of things that may happen when someone is riding their motorcycle. While I wish it were not so, these types of wrecks happen far too often, largely due to the driver of the ‘other’ vehicle being inattentive. One of the first rules of the road is watch out for other drivers. That includes bikers,” added Stephen Ozcomert, an Atlanta injury lawyer, who practices personal injury, accident and malpractice law.

In this case, as in many others, the vehicle, a mini van, made a left turn in front of the biker, and the results were devastating for the biker, a 64-year-old man. Although the man had been wearing a helmet, he was listed in critical condition when he arrived at the nearest hospital. “The fact is that even though helmets ‘do’ save lives, there are ‘other’ injuries that can cause serious physical repercussions or death, such as internal organ shearing, punctured lungs, spinal cord damage or traumatic brain injury,” Ozcomert outlined.

The long and short of riding a motorcycle is that no matter how cautious the biker may be, they can never anticipate what another vehicle in front, or behind them, will do. “For instance, in another case, a biker was passing between two cars stopped at a light, when the driver of whipped open his door, throwing the biker to the street, and jamming him between the two vehicles, about to move forward. The man thought he had dropped his watch out the window. The biker was run over twice, and survived, minus one leg,” recounted Ozcomert.

Although people do not often think about the economy, unless they are out of a job, they need to realize that a vast portion of the U.S. population is choosing to switch to motorcycles as their means of transportation. They are cheaper to license and do not need as much fuel. “This also means there are more of them on the roads, which means drivers consciously ratcheting up their awareness of ‘all’ vehicles around them. It could mean the difference between life and death of another person.”

Too often, younger drivers, even though many of them have experience riding a motorcycle, do not stop to think, look and listen while they are behind the wheel of a car. “If you hold up your forefinger in front of your eyes, right in the middle, you will ‘not’ see a motorcycle, even if it is right in front of, or behind you.”

That is how easy it is to miss them, which should suggest to drivers that they need to be even more aware and vigilant. No matter how much education there is out there about being on the lookout for bikers, there is always someone who thinks the cautions do not apply to them. They find out later, in court, the cautions ‘did’ apply to them. If you have been involved in an accident, call my office. Let’s talk,” said Ozcomert.

To learn more, contact Atlanta personal injury lawyer Stephen Ozcomert by visiting http://www.ozcomert.com.

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