» Brandon Divorce Lawyer Recommends Book on Finding Spouses’ Hidden Income

Brandon Divorce Lawyer Recommends Book on Finding Spouses’ Hidden Income

Brandon, FL (Law Firm Newswire) June 4, 2012 - Forensic accountant and author Mark Kohn recently released a book titled “How They Stash the Cash,” in which he outlines the many legal and illegal ways divorcing spouses maneuver money away from each other.

“People definitely get greedy during a divorce and one of the ways that greed can manifest itself is for spouses to begin hiding money from each other,” said Brandon divorce lawyer Joshua Law of the Osenton Law Office. “For a spouse who is truly owed money during a divorce proceeding, sometimes an investigation is the only way to definitely know how much money is being split.”

Kohn outlines three key things that a divorcing spouse can do to try and make sure spouses are not stealing – hire a private investigator, go through the trash and look for hidden files.

Brandon divorce lawyer Law said he recommends all of these tips for his clients.

“Start as early as you suspect there could be trust issues in the marriage,” Law said. “If there are reasons to be suspicious, then there are likely things being hidden. All of those hidden things can be important during a divorce case.”

Hiring a private investigator is not inexpensive. “I always suggest weighing the cost-benefit analysis on private investigators,” Law said. “If we are certain that there is money or other assets being hidden, then it might be worth hiring a private investigator to sniff it out.” In some cases, the mere presence of a private investigator can push a divorcing spouse to disclose and settle a case for fear of what else they might find.

Digging through the trash is inexpensive, but often unpleasant. Anything suspicious in the trash could turn into something important. In his book, Kohn uses experiences from his career to highlight why activities like trash-digging can be fruitful. In some cases, discarded items can uncover investments or scams that lead to large cash settlements. Likewise, divorcing spouses have found hidden files in basements, attics and garages that can lead to revelations about hidden money.

Law recommends seeking separate representation during a divorce to ensure being treated fairly.

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