»  Divorce Expo Helps People with Stress and Depression

Divorce Expo Helps People with Stress and Depression

Brandon, FL (Law Firm Newswire) October 31, 2012 - A gathering put on by a group called Split Partners, which provides support for people going through divorce, recently highlighted strategies to help those struggling with the process.

“Divorce, while never a completely pleasant process, doesn’t have to be a source of extreme stress and personal anguish,” said Brandon divorce lawyer O. Reginald Osenton.

The emphasis society has placed on marriage, says the Split Partners founders, has led to great difficulty for some individuals following a divorce. Divorce can lead to a decline in personal income, as sharing living expenses and investments can help couples solidify their finances.

There are at least two major contributors to stress and sadness during a divorce: the obvious emotional loss, and the change in personal finances. The exposition covered these topics as well as a number of other matters related to divorce, including single parenting.

There are a number of issues to watch for when facing a divorce, including extreme sadness which may develop into low grade or clinical depression, substance abuse such as binge drinking, and other behaviors that can be destructive or harmful. Recent research has found that women tend to drink more alcohol while married, while men tend to drink more after they have divorced.

One of the main objectives of Split Partners, according to organizers, is to bring together people to share their experiences of divorce, single parenting and other ex-married challenges. Sharing information and personal stories, they have found, tend to make people feel that that what they are experiencing is a normal, though unwanted, life transition. This approach helps process the divorce as a change rather than as the result of something they have failed. Decades ago, when divorce was heavily stigmatized, far more couples stayed in marriages that were unhappy.

Part of having a successful marriage transition, includes working with a competent Brandon divorce attorney, one who has assisted numerous individuals through the divorce process. A competent divorce lawyer can help mediate the division of physical assets, plan for child custody arrangements, work out alimony calculations, and help divvy up a financial estate. During a contentious divorce, a divorce attorney will work to protect his client’s rights and ensure that the proceedings are fair.

To learn more or to contact a Brandon divorce lawyer or to contact a Brandon dicorce attorney, visit http://www.brandonlawoffice.com.

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