» Magazine for Lawyers Goes Digital with 13th Issue

Magazine for Lawyers Goes Digital with 13th Issue

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) November 13, 2012 - One year after it launched as a print publication, the Bigger Law Firm magazine is offering digital subscriptions and selling single issues for AmazonKindle.

The Bigger Law Firm magazine celebrates 1 year and offers digital subscriptions.

Last year, the Bigger Law Firm magazine's premier issue hit mailboxes. That month, hundreds of lawyers received the publication for the first time. Today, thousands of attorneys and law firms across the United States have learned from BLF Magazine, pushing the legal marketing publication to expand to new outlets.

In BLF's 13th issue titled “1 Year,” magazine founder Jason Bland discusses the reasoning behind starting the magazine as a print publication. In his monthly column “Search Engine Optimization Obiter Dicta,” he talks about the resistance he encountered from within the magazine's parent company, Adviatech.

“There is something about print that feels authentic . . .. Anyone can pop out an ebook and see what happens. Some at Adviatech thought that was the best route to test out this lawyer magazine idea of mine. Even when I sat down with the staff members I had selected to write for the magazine, they admitted that they were not confident – and some even argued against it – but I held firm to the position that BLF would start as a print-only publication,” said Jason Bland.

Bland continued by saying, “For this to work, it had to be great. I knew that if this magazine could succeed in print, it could become a huge success in any format. ”

One year after publishing its first issue, the lawyer magazine is offering digital subscriptions at just $3.95 per month and print subscriptions (which include access to digital issues) for $9.95 per month.

The slim publication covers online marketing, practice management, social networking, expert advice and reviews mobile apps that can help law firms. It's the only legal marketing magazine written entirely by law firm marketing experts who work directly with attorneys.

BLF Magazine also decided to outsource their print and delivery after one year of handling order fulfillment in house.

The new digital subscription levels aren't the only new changes. The magazine also offers single Kindle ebook issues for sale on Amazon.com as well as single issue print and digital formats from HP Magcloud.

What started as a magazine for attorneys is now a magazine for attorneys on the go. In November of 2011, the inaugural issue was titled “The Evolving Lawyer.” But one year later, BLF has become the evolving magazine.

To learn more about how to build a Bigger Law Firm, visit http://www.biggerlawfirm.com


Back issues are available as Kindle ebooks on Amazon.com

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