» Long-Term Care Planning Event Hosted by Michigan Elder Law Attorney

Long-Term Care Planning Event Hosted by Michigan Elder Law Attorney

Bloomfield Hills, MI (Law Firm Newswire) January 30, 2013 – Certificated elder law attorney Christopher J. Berry (CELA), is speaking with long-term care specialist Nancy I. Boari, CLTC, in a free public event.

“New Year’s Resolutions for the Baby Boomer” is a candid talk about the issues surrounding planning for and facing one’s own long-term care on Wednesday, January 30, 2013. The event is hosted by Christopher J. Berry, Esq, a Michigan estate planning lawyer and Michigan elder law attorney, and Nancy I. Boari CLTC, a long-term care specialist.

“The start of the new year often motivates people to look forward and plan for the future,” says estate planning and elder law attorney Christopher J. Berry.

Many of Attorney Berry’s clients have had to oversee the changing needs of an elderly parent or have had to make serious decisions in the midst of a health crisis. The common concerns and questions that long-term care issues can raise will be addressed by Christopher Berry and Nancy Boari, with an emphasis on how to plan for the financial and medical issues that may arise with aging.

Berry and Boari invite clients, prospective clients and the public to attend this free event to explore plan options for long-term care. The two experts will lead an open, honest dialogue about the issues, decisions, and role reversals that individuals and their families need to confront while everyone is still able to consider all the options.

Long-term care planning may include multiple aspects of estate planning, such as putting into place revocable living trusts, powers of attorney, patient advocate designations, living wills, and HIPAA compliant forms. Many clients are concerned about what will happen if their estate goes into probate. With proper planning and the judicious use of revocable living trusts, an estate can avoid probate and other lengthy legal entanglements.

Advance planning for long-term care can protect an individual from having to settle for substandard care, can ensure that wishes will be met in the future, when those wishes may not be fully articulated, and can save loved ones from losing their assets to provide for that care.

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