» Tackling E-Discovery is the First Free issue of Bigger Law Firm magazine in 2014

Tackling E-Discovery is the First Free issue of Bigger Law Firm magazine in 2014

The Bigger Law Firm™ magazine

The Bigger Law Firm™ magazine

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) February 20, 2014 – The January/February issue of Bigger Law Firm, a magazine for attorneys, guides its readers to new tech solutions for challenges as old as the law itself. From new features on familiar platforms — including Facebook’s updated Insights analytics, expanded use for Bing Local and the best new NAS solutions — to entirely new innovations in e-discovery and presentation, BLF helps your firm to simplify, update and grow.

Today, diverse local listings are more important for law firms than ever — especially now that Apple’s Siri has paired up with Microsoft’s Bing for the iPhone. Adviatech co-founder Jason Bland breaks down the development of local search as part of the partnerships and market battles between Google, Apple and Microsoft in his “Obiter Dicta”.

In “Digging Deeper Into the New Facebook Insights,” Brendan Conley guides readers through Facebook’s updated approach to page analytics. Tab by tab, Conley reviews the information on offer and the best ways to maximize its benefits for your firm, from line graphs to exclusive demographic information.

In this issue’s feature, “Tackling E-Discovery,” Ryan Conley prepares readers for legal discovery in the digital age. Computer technology has made the storage of overwhelmingly massive amounts of data possible for almost anyone. Once, discovery was at least somewhat limited by a person or business’s ability to store paper files and books; the digital age can seem like a nightmare come true. Fortunately, computers are also providing new solutions for this challenge, allowing your team to pass more and more tasks to predictive coding and data extraction software.

Conley analyzes the causes behind the phenomenon and the new tactics for data management that will make e-discovery possible for you and your firm.

In this issue’s “Product Spotlight”, Kerrie Spencer weighs the options for your firm’s data security, backup and storage. With an NAS system like the Synology DiskStation 212+, your company can slash storage costs and create a unified hub of information.

Kerrie Spencer goes on to cover the uses, benefits and shortcomings of SlideShark, a slick new presentation app for business. As “Taking the Law Into Your Own Handheld” details, SlideShark lets your team leave the bulky hardware behind while cutting the fuss and chaff from your courtroom presentations.

As Bitcoin value skyrockets and Square debuts its newest feature, Justin Torres dissects the new ways a dollar can change hands, morph into crypto-currency or store itself on your phone as it reaches your firm. “Digital Money for Your Real Wallet” discusses the latest innovations in payment gateways, points of sale and even in currency itself.

When a firm revamps its website, the changes can bring exciting new growth and strength. But the experience can be stressful, too. In “Keep Web Projects in Check,” Kristen Friend provides a pair of extraordinarily handy checklists to help keep your web project zooming through the design stages toward a successful launch.

When visitors come to your firm’s internet doorstep, are you ready to welcome them? James Ambroff-Tahan helps readers strategize to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions on their sites. With intuitive layout and impressive support, you can make more visitors into clients every day.

January / February 2014 Issue of the Bigger Law Firm magazine

January / February 2014 Issue of the Bigger Law Firm magazine

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