» SEO | Law Firm wins a Horizon Interactive Award – Best in Legal Category – for the McDevitt Law Office’s Website

SEO | Law Firm wins a Horizon Interactive Award – Best in Legal Category – for the McDevitt Law Office’s Website

Mcdevittlaw.net received Best in Category (Legal) in the Horizon Interactive Awards

Mcdevittlaw.net received Best in Category (Legal) in the Horizon Interactive Awards

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) June 23, 2014 – SEO | Law Firm, an Adviatech company, was awarded Best in Category in the Horizon Interactive Awards for work on the McDevitt Law Office website.

While family law can sometimes create bitter disputes, attorney Lisa Lane McDevitt wanted her web visitors to feel at home, surrounded by a warm design. The site was built to make users feel as though they are sitting in a family room, utilizing several interactive features (none of which rely on Flash).

The unique design of the McDevitt Law Office website, www.mcdevittlaw.net, caught the attention of the Horizon Interactive Awards. The judges gave the website the high honor of Best in Category among all legal entries (https://www.horizoninteractiveawards.com/web-site-awards/2013/legal).

The website built by SEO | Law Firm, an Adviatech company, was a favorite among its development team and was selected to compete based on that pride. While the award went to Adviatech, the team behind the website says their client deserves a great deal of credit.

Adviatech Art Director Kristen Friend said, “It's always a pleasure to work with someone who wants to look past what other lawyers are doing and focus on a design that communicates with their clients. It was a pleasure to work with Lisa and translate the warmth, experience and personal dedication that she gives to her clients into a creative design.”

The international panel of judges consisted of industry professionals with diverse backgrounds and an end-user panel. The judges evaluated categories ranging from online advertising to mobile applications. The winning 2013 entries showcase the industry’s best interactive media solutions including websites, mobile applications, print media, interactive displays, public exhibits, online advertising, video and email.

“The 2013 competition is undoubtedly one of the best showcases of outstanding interactive media in our long competition history,” said Mike Sauce, founder of the Horizon Interactive Awards. “The continued trend of the convergence of multiple forms of digital media into a single interactive experience has yielded a new level of interactivity with technology and blended artistry. For the most part, designers and developers of interactive media experiences have embraced the concept that we can no longer assume how users interface with technology. That is seen in the fact that most of the web sites are built on responsive code sets to optimize the viewing experience no matter what type of device being used. In addition, entries have pushed the boundaries of traditional thinking in terms of expanded features, blended media and integration of multiple marketing and technology channels. Winners in this year’s competition highlight the best blend of technology, cutting-edge thinking, outstanding user experience and overall aesthetics.”

About SEO | Law Firm
SEO | Law Firm, an Adviatech company, provides design, branding and search engine marketing services to law firms. Since 2005, the group has been dedicated to helping law firms grow. Adviatech is also the parent company of Law Firm Newswire, Bigger Law Firm magazine and Custom Legal Marketing.

About the McDevitt Law Office
For more than a decade, Lisa Lane McDevitt has been taking the guesswork out of complex legal issues for clients in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Drawing from her problem-solving skills and comprehensive legal knowledge, she helps simplify the estate planning and family law process so her clients can find peace of mind and focus on their futures.

To view Adviatech's award-winning website, visit http://www.mcdevittlaw.net. Learn more about SEO | Law Firm by visiting http://www.seolawfirm.com.

SEO | Law Firm
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Lisa Lane McDevitt
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Phone: 571-271-1446

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