» Avoid Car Accidents and Keep Pedestrians Safe this Holiday Season

Avoid Car Accidents and Keep Pedestrians Safe this Holiday Season

Chicago, IL (Law Firm Newswire) December 22, 2015 – A prominent personal injury law firm is promoting winter safety for motorists and pedestrians this holiday season.

“The winter months bring snow and ice that increase the risk of accidents for drivers and pedestrians,” said Paul Greenberg, of Briskman Briskman & Greenberg. “We want to make sure that people stay safe.”

The firm said that there are several things drivers can do to improve safety during the cold weather months. First of all, drivers should make sure that all necessary vehicle maintenance has been performed. This includes having safety systems checked, including tires, brakes, wipers, fluids and antifreeze. Drivers should also make sure to fill their gas tank when it is half full, rather than waiting until it is nearly empty. If a vehicle becomes stuck in the snow, the driver may need to keep the car running for warmth. Drivers should also make sure the exhaust pipe is not plugged with snow.

Tires are particularly important in snow and ice. Tires should be in top condition and properly inflated, or they may lose their grip on slippery roads. Snow chains can be helpful, but drivers should make sure that using snow chains does not give them a false sense of security. The most important thing to do on icy roads is to drive slowly. If a driver loses control of a vehicle on an icy or snowy road, the car will travel farther than it will on dry pavement. For this reason, drivers should also be prepared to brake much sooner than they would in dry conditions.

Pedestrian safety is very important in the winter months. Drivers should take extra precautions to watch out for pedestrians, and pedestrians should be more cautious as well. Even when waiting to cross the street, it is important for pedestrians to be aware of traffic hazards, as drivers can lose control of their vehicles more often when the roads are icy. Vehicles are not the only winter hazard for pedestrians. It is important to wear proper winter footwear and walk slowly and carefully, to avoid slipping and falling.

“Keep these winter safety tips in mind and have a safe and happy holiday season,” said Greenberg.

Briskman Briskman & Greenberg released this infographic and a safety video to help motorist stay safe this holiday season.

Briskman Briskman & Greenberg released this infographic and a safety video to help motorist stay safe this holiday season.

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