» Doctors Discover Broken Epidural Needle in Woman’s Back Ten Years Later

Doctors Discover Broken Epidural Needle in Woman’s Back Ten Years Later

Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) June 5, 2018 - A Florida woman discovered a broken epidural needle had been lodged in her spine after she gave birth 14 years ago.

The woman had been in pain for several years. Searching for the reason, she went for a CT scan. The results revealed a broken epidural needle lodged in her spine. It had been there since she gave birth in 2003. It is unclear how medical staff missed the large portion of the 10-centimeter needle after administering the injection.

The patient filed a lawsuit against the hospital alleging negligent concealment and medical malpractice. The claim asserts that the epidural needle snapped and got trapped in her spine when the shot was administered during her C-section and that medical personnel knew the needle was there, yet did nothing about it. The woman’s prognosis for successfully removing the needle surgically is uncertain.

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