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Motorcycle Accident Survivors Need Legal Assistance for a fair Settlement Says Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

Atlanta, GA (Law Firm Newswire) June 16, 2011 - It is not rocket science to figure out that bikers will suffer horrendous injuries or death, if they are involved in a wreck. The lack of protection is the main reason.

Stephen Ozcomert is an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

Stephen Ozcomert is an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

“If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident and actually walked away, albeit in rough shape, don’t think twice about hiring an Atlanta personal injury attorney with experience to help you get compensation for your injuries. You have rights and those rights need to be protected. Most of all, you have the right to claim for compensation for your injuries, more so if your injuries were catastrophic and your life will never be the same again,” said Stephen M. Ozcomert, an injury lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia, who practices personal injury, accidents and malpractice law.

Not all personal injury lawyers specialize in or even handle motorcycle accidents, and this is why anyone needing assistance to file a personal injury lawsuit needs to make sure their choice of lawyer can handle this type of case.

“Typically, litigation of this nature is complex, full of twists and turns and based largely of the evidence remaining at the scene of the crash. The parties to the suit may be legion and involve an insurance company or two, a manufacturer, an after parts supplier, a city, town or municipality and more than one driver. In other words, a complex cast of characters that may bear various levels of responsibility for the accident causing the injuries,” Ozcomert said.

Without a doubt, every person, agency or company named in a personal injury lawsuit will have a full slate of lawyers at the table; all of them wanting to mitigate, eliminate or diminish a claim. The last thing in the world they want is for the employer to have to fork out any compensation for their negligence or their employee’s negligence. Insurance companies want to stay in business and the only way they can do that is to keep the payout on claims down or to not pay out at all.

“Every motorcycle accident is different and all crash sites need to be investigated. Injuries are never the same, the way the accident happened is different and who is involved is different as well. We know this and know how to build a winning case for justice for you, including using experts to testify for you about your injuries, their severity and your recovery time. This all goes to the amount of compensation you may be awarded by the jury,” Ozcomert said.

The average person does not have the ability or resources to go up against an insurance company in court. This is why people need personal injury lawyers with experience, compassion and the attitude of a pit bull who is determined to get justice for their client.

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