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Three Day Collaborative Divorce Interdisciplinary Team Training February 2-4 in Pomona California

Los Angeles, CA (Law Firm Newswire) January 9, 2012 - The Collaborative Divorce Education Institute is offering a 2nd annual full team training this coming February 2, 3, & 4, 2012 in Pomona, California. This three-day training for Collaborative Family Law practitioners will be an intermediate training focusing on protocols for the full team Collaborative Practice. Developed by George Richardson, Ellie Izzo, Vicky Carpel-Miller, and Mark Hill for C.D.E.I this training is approved for 18 hours of MCLE, CFLS and BBS and CPE and CFP educational credits.

The Collaborative Divorce Education Institute Offers 2012 Training

Participants will learn:
• The Collaborative Divorce Interdisciplinary Team Model of Collaborative Practice
• The new Protocols for Full Team Collaborative Divorce Practice
• The roles and responsibilities of each Team Member
• The legal, mental health, financial and team ethics involved in Collaborative Divorce Full Team Practice
• How to enroll clients in a Collaborative Divorce
• How to structure and facilitate the necessary meetings in a Collaborative Divorce Case

The CDEI educates the public about divorce alternatives, and train collaborative professionals to provide quality full team collaborative services. This elite group of skilled trainers are uniquely experienced and equipped to train professionals in the area of collaborative divorce and mediation services. Their mission is two-fold:
1. To educate the public about non-adversarial, out-of-court and peaceful resolutions to divorce and family law related issues;
2. To offer high-level advanced training and education to professionals who want to understand the nuances of the practice alternative dispute resolutions to divorce such as Collaborative Divorce and Divorce Mediation

For more information visit

Collaborative Divorce Education Institute
Los Angeles, CA 90291

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