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Newsweek Promotional Feature Spotlights The Hale Law Firm

Waxahachie, TX (Law Firm Newswire) July 12, 2012 - John Hale and Jacob Hale of The Hale Law Firm were recently featured in Newsweek Magazine's June 18 Leaders in Elder Law Showcase. The section is a part of Newsweek's 2012 Leaders promotional section -- which features the leading individuals or group practices in various practice areas of law and health care.

"At The Hale Law Firm, our motto 'Wise and compassionate counsel' is more than just a slogan; it's what we are known for," remarked John Hale, a Dallas elder law attorney and Dallas estate planning attorney. "We are very honored to be featured in Newsweek's publication. The fact that Newsweek is running an elder law showcase section draws a critical point that there is a growing need for elder care attorneys," said John Hale.

In late 2007, The Hale Law Firm began shifting its estate planning focus to address the long-term care needs of its clients. While estate administration and estate tax planning have been traditional areas of focus for most estate planning lawyers, with changes in tax and health law over the last decade, the real focus should now be on protecting assets against expenses associated with chronic illness and disability.

"Familiesare beginning to see the importance of developing a plan to address long-term care in their estate plans," Hale pointed out. "It really doesn't matter how good your will or trust is if you pass away impoverished."

"Our goal is to protect our clients' assets by accessing alternative payers for long-term care, such as VA benefits, Medicaid, and Medicare. In helping our clients avoid the unnecessary spend down of their assets, we are also finding that it is easier to find common ground among families members."

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