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Man Falls Off Bar Stool and Becomes Paralyzed

Southfield, MI (Law Firm Newswire) January 14, 2015 - A casino continually served drinks to a severely inebriated patron, leading him to fall off the bar stool, and irreparably damage his spinal cord.

“Apparently Kenneth Sanders was extremely intoxicated the night he fell off his bar stool at a local casino. Despite clear evidence that he was obviously and clearly drunk and known by staff to be an alcoholic, they kept serving him drinks. He became so inebriated he fell off his bar stool and severely injured his neck,” recounted Daren Monroe, Litigation Funding Corporation representative. The injury was so severe Sanders became a quadriplegic, and later died.

Sanders was not without a history with the local casino and the management had in fact removed him from the premises before: in 2008 for excessive intoxication. That aside, the lawsuit, filed by his family, alleges the establishment had a duty to provide a safe place for him and not continue to serve him alcohol when he was clearly highly intoxicated.

The lawsuit alleges that the bar failed to render proper medical care, did not offer adequate seating, provide adequate supervision, follow and adhere to local and state laws and/or provide Sanders with a safe environment by continuing to serve him liquor despite clear evidence he was drunk. The suit seeks damages for disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, medical and rehabilitation expenses, anxiety, physical and mental pain, suffering and anguish.

“The family may be interested in applying for pre-settlement funding from a litigation corporation company. Litigation funding is an emergency lawsuit loan to a qualified plaintiff that allows them to take care of all of their medical and other usual expenses, while they wait for their case to be resolved by going to litigation or having matters settled out-of-court,” suggested Monroe.

Pre-settlement funding is not for every plaintiff, but a large number of cash strapped victims do find a lawsuit loan very appealing due to a number of factors: they do not pay any fees up front to apply, or monthly, nor is there a credit check required. Plaintiffs need not have a job when they apply and they may keep the lawsuit loan if their case loses at trial.

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