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Magnetic Resonance Therapy Offers Hope to Veterans Struggling with PTSD Treatments

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Northville, MI (Law Firm Newswire) February 17, 2015 - According to a report in the Washington Post, Dr. Yi Jin provides magnetic resonance therapy (MRT) to veterans with PTSD, even though medical research has not yet shown whether the technology works for PTSD. But veterans treated at Dr. Jin’s center are speaking out about how well the treatment works, with one combat veteran claiming that the treatment has left him symptom-free.

Now, Jin’s Brain Treatment Center has undertaken an official double-blind clinical trial studying the effects of MRT on combat veterans. According to the Washington Post, one key aim of the study is to convince VA to begin offering the treatment to veterans.

“It is clear that VA is struggling to provide both timely and effective treatment for PTSD,” commented Jim Fausone, a Michigan veterans disability attorney. “It is encouraging to know that private doctors have taken upon themselves the challenge of honing in on a therapy that will work well for veterans, specifically.”

In MRT, coils held above the patient’s head send waves of magnetic energy pulsating into the brain. The waves are thought to produce a regenerative effect on brain cells. While research has not proven their therapeutic effect, one veteran told the Washington Post that he was considering suicide before MRT helped alleviate his symptoms.

Jin’s MRT trial began in October of 2014, and it will continue through March of 2015. The trial is small, only involving 48 veterans, but it is being run by the University of San Diego alongside a much larger study of the effects of MRT on autism.

“I hope that Dr. Jin and others like him continue to push, responsibly but with urgency, for more effective treatments for our veterans with PTSD,” said Fausone. “Until we find treatments, it will be hard to fully address some of the biggest problems our veterans face, such as unemployment, homelessness and suicide.”

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