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Drivers May Be Banned From Buying Alcohol After 3 DUIs if Bill Passes

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) May 18, 2015 – Sometimes simplicity in drafting a law produces the best effects. A bill proposed in Tennessee aims to curtail drunken driving by cutting off accessibility to alcohol.

“If the proposed Tennessee bill does gain traction and passes into law, it may find a home in Texas as well, particularly if the proposal to cut off access to alcohol after three or more DUIs does work,” suggests well-known Austin personal injury attorney, Bobby Lee of Lee, Gober & Reyna. “There would likely be logistical issues relating to tracking offenders and informing points of liquor sale that an individual was cut off.”

The idea behind the proposed bill in Tennessee is to keep repeat offenders off the roads. According to DUI stats for that state, over 1,000 individuals earned convictions for their 3rd, 4th and even 6th offenses in 2014. “DUI is a serious issue in Tennessee and it certainly is a serious issue in Texas as well,” adds Lee. “Banning alcohol sales to repeat offenders may save lives, although it may not necessarily stop offenders from continuing to drink. They may simply ask friends to buy their alcohol for them.”

Tennessee also plans to implement no alcohol sales stamps for placement on an offender’s license plate.

“Could this work in Texas? Possibly. However, whether you suspend a repeat offender’s license, put them in jail, send them to rehab or ban them from buying alcohol, this is still a human issue and restrictions like this only work if the drinker wants to quit drinking. Drunk driving, along with texting while driving, are two of the toughest issues to attempt to solve,” says Lee.

Drinking and driving is a social issue and an addiction. Combine those two factors and recidivism is high. “What is the answer to stopping people from drinking and driving? That’s a tough question that seemingly has no definitive answer. In the meantime, legislators keep trying to save lives, and lawyers keep helping DUI victims,” says Lee.

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