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Driving Under the Influence of Pokemon-Go is Distracted Driving

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) September 14, 2016 – It had to happen, accidents while driving and playing Pokemon-Go. Driving while under the influence of Pokemon-Go is classified as distracted driving. Distracted driving kills.

This particular accident happened in Pennsylvania, but its lesson resonates across the nation, if not globally. It is the kind of accident mirrored in many towns, cities and states. A driver playing Pokemon Go is not paying attention to the road and runs into a police cruiser.

“That accident relating to hitting a police car could just as easily say a driver ran into a pedestrian, veered in front of a truck or rear-ended another vehicle while playing Pokemon,” said personal injury attorney Bobby Lee, of Lee, Gober & Reyna, in Austin. Playing the game is on the rise. Playing the game while behind the wheel of a vehicle is also becoming more prevalent.

Driving while distracted, under the influence of a Pokemon game, is the same thing as driving while distracted by using Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Facetime and other social media apps. It is the same as talking on the phone, texting, surfing the Internet or using the Google maps app. Playing Pokemon has resulted in gamers trespassing on private property, walking into traffic, hitting other cars, running red lights and walking off cliffs.

“Pokemon is a public safety hazard. But, it’s more than that. It can kill, just like texting while driving. It is no different than not paying attention because you are using social media,” Lee pointed out.

Police forces are concerned about the dramatic increase of robotic-like gamers not paying attention to their surroundings and have resorted to issuing cautions to players to stay off private property, wear light colored clothing at night to enhance visibility and to play safely. “Although these precautions would seem to make commonsense, police are not seeing gamers being safe,” added Lee.

Distracted driving is the cause of death for one in ten drivers nationally says the NTHSA. Driving while playing a game or using some other form of e-device is another form of a game most people would rather not participate in – Russian Roulette. “You may get away with it nine times out of ten. The tenth time you may not be so lucky,” said Lee. “Don’t do it. Ever. It’s your life and the lives of others in the balance.”

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