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Another Texas City Passes Total Ban on Texting While Driving

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) January 19, 2017 – The ban on texting while driving is slowly making its way across Texas. The state does not have a statewide texting while driving ban.

Distracted driving is a serious problem. In fact, it is the leading cause of the vast majority of car accidents according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI).

Studies done by both entities reveal that 80 percent of car wrecks and 65 percent of almost accidents, or near-miss crashes, are the result of driver distraction within three seconds prior to the accident or near-miss crash.

Common causes of accidents involving distracted drivers:

· Taking selfies
· Talking on the cellphone
· Texting
· Surfing the web
· Snapchatting
· Tweeting
· Changing Facebook status
· Instagram
· Eating food
· Reading a book
· Reaching for an object inside the vehicle
· Staring at objects or events while driving

Denton, Texas is the most recent city to pass tough laws against distracted driving. The city now boasts a ban on texting, talking and use of any handheld e-device while driving. The new law will take effect June 1, 2017. Drivers will only be able to use handheld devices when stopped or in some exceptions relating to emergency situations. Fines may run up to $500.

“The thing about distracted driving is that it is pervasive in virtually all areas of a driver’s journey. What that individual does or does not do while behind the wheel impacts on the driver, pedestrians, and other vehicles,” said Bobby Lee, an Austin distracted driving attorney. One quick look away from the road is all it takes to hit another vehicle, kill a pedestrian or kill the driver.

“The fact is that driving while distracted is so prevalent these days that you literally take your life in your hands by driving anywhere. Even if you don’t text, others around you may. If the laws in place do not stop this behavior, then what will?”

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