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How to Update an Expiring Work Visa

Houston, TX (Law Firm Newswire) August 6, 2019 - All U.S. work visas have an expiration date and those who hold one must depart the country on or before that date. If that does not happen, the visa holder may face serious consequences.

If the work visa currently held by a foreign worker is about to expire, and the goal is to extend the length of time in the United States, the holder much file a request before the initially authorized stay runs out. Usually, it is best to extend a work visa at least 45 days before the authorized stay runs out.

“Staying after your work visa has run out may mean you are barred from coming back into the country and/or you may be deported,” explained noted Houston immigration attorney, Annie Banerjee. “Be aware you may also have to apply for a new visa in the country of your nationality.”

Eligibility to extend a work visa

U.S. work visas may be extended if:

· The individual was lawfully admitted to the country with a non-immigrant visa
· The non-immigrant visa is still valid
· The visa holder has not committed any crimes to disqualify them for a visa
· The conditions of the individual’s admission were not violated
· The individual’s passport is valid and remains so for the length of the stay

How to extend a U.S. work visa

The process to extend a work visa is as follows:

· Complete Form I-539 — review the instructions before completing an Application to Extend/Change Non-immigrant Status
· Send in the filing fee. Details are included on Form I-539
· Submit evidence as required — spouse/unmarried children under 21 in the same category may be included on one Form I-539
· Sign and file Form I-539 submit at the correct filing location as outlined on the form

“Requests for extending a non-immigrant work visa can get complicated, depending on the circumstances. If you run into trouble, reach out to an experienced business immigration attorney to ensure you are submitting the correct requested documents and doing so before time runs out,” said Banerjee.

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