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A news release is probably one of the most valuable parts of a law firm marketing strategy. While traditional in nature, the new content-driven Internet sees press releases as gold. We use the terms “news release” and “press release” interchangeably, but news release is a more accurate title as you are releasing news to the public, rather than the press.

Law Firm Newswire was built around search engine optimization. Until now, lawyers did not have a news service dedicated to their specific distribution and search engine optimization needs. While other press release distribution companies offer services for lawyers, the needs of attorneys appear to be a sideline item.

Many of their distribution partners are financial, business, or other news sources that will provide relevant links back to the law firm but may not focus heavily on legal markets and potential clients for their practice area(s). With Law Firm Newswire, we focus heavily on getting legal oriented distribution partners to maximize the value of our news release distribution plans.

With Law Firm Newswire being an Adviatech company, we have the backing of a profitable corporation founded in 2005. That also gives us access to Adviatech’s team of writers, editors, and search engine optimization specialist.

We strongly believe that news success is all about the network. With Law Firm Newswire’s press release distribution network and Adviatech’s network supporting its infrastructure, we are truly networked for your law firm’s success.