» Why Lawyers Should Mix Politics with Press Releases

Why Lawyers Should Mix Politics with Press Releases

Posted on: Oct 25, 2010

Sending routine press releases about your law firm is a crucial part of your law firm marketing. It gives your law firm exposure to an audience immediately after it goes live. However, newsworthy events may not happen at a pace fast enough to keep up with your press release schedule.

In slow periods, you can turn to other news and provide professional commentary.

If new legislation is in your state senate or house of representatives, or the U.S. Congress, write a press release about how it relates to your clients. In fact, you can get political in your news releases as long as you maintain a level of balance or only express biases that will positively resonate with your target clientele.

A few examples:

Estate Tax is Back for 2011 – Estate Planning Attorney Helps Protect Clients

Immigration Lawyer Says New Legislation is Oppressive to Legal Immigrants

Financial Reform Works Against Economic Recovery According to Securities Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyer Calls Tort Reform a Gift to Insurance Companies Paid for by Victims

There is a noticeable slant in those titles. Some lean left, others lean right, but all are relevant to the clientele that the above attorneys serve. Also, the political nature of the news release is relevant to the practice area. If an immigration lawyer starts commenting on tax policy, or a business attorney starts commenting on immigration reform, your press release will not only provide little marketing advantage to your firm, but may also make people angry.

It is good to publish the comments of both (or all) sides of a position and then provide your commentary based on your experience. Press releases that are based on legislation and politics tend to be syndicated and republished more often than traditional press releases.

Keep it fresh, keep it relevant, and balance your opinion, and your news release could realistically attract thousands of readers in one day.

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