» Writing Legal News Headlines that Attract Readers

Writing Legal News Headlines that Attract Readers

Posted on: Oct 18, 2010

As part of our month long celebration of Law Firm Newswire’s official public launch, we are going to be giving tips on getting more readers to your press releases. Today, it is all about the headline.

When reading a newspaper or online news source, you are hit with a page full of headlines that vie for your attention. When you send a press release about your law firm, it’s important to write a headline that is going to grab readers.

Let’s say an estate-planning attorney is doing a seminar on the reinstatement of the estate tax in 2011. A headline such as “Lawyer Jackson Smith Offers Free Estate Planning Seminar Next Saturday” is not going to drive the masses to your news release.

Headlines need to get to the heat of a topic in as few words as possible. What is the hot point of the topic in this example? Estate taxes. So your headline should reflect that. Here are a couple ways our fictional attorney could optimize his title:

“Protect Your Heirs – Estate Planning Lawyer Jackson Smith will Tell You How”

“Free Seminar Next Saturday from Attorney Jackson Smith May Protect Your Assets from Excessive Taxation”

Notice how we quickly get to the reason why someone would be interested in the seminar? Getting directly to the hot button will drive more clicks to your news release, which ultimately leads to website traffic, phone calls, exposure, or in the example above, attendees at a seminar.

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