» Sharing the Cases You Win in the News

Sharing the Cases You Win in the News

Posted on: Nov 29, 2010

If you want prospective clients to see you as a successful law firm, you should share your law firm’s successes.

Press releases for cases won are probably one of the best ways to instill confidence in your potential clients. Every state bar has its own guidelines, so you should check with them prior to publicly releasing case results.

Most people are going to Google your law firm’s name when deciding whether or not to work with you. Even if they find you by search for a keyphrase, they are still going back and searching for your name. If you have released a series of winnings to the public, those press releases will appear when someone searches for your firm’s name.

Imagine a prospective client typing in your law firm’s name and being bombarded with all of your firm’s successes.

If your state bar allows this practice, you should take advantage of it and send a press release for all of the cases you win to help convert your website traffic into new clients.

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