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Your Law Firm’s News Should Sound Like News

Posted on: Nov 1, 2010

Writing press releases for your law firm can sometimes be difficult. Perhaps the most difficult time to write a popular press release is when your law firm actually has newsworthy data to release.

What makes a press release interesting is the relevance it has to an audience. For example, if you are hosting a seminar in your office, you may immediately think that the topic should be about when and where then list credentials of the hosting attorney.

But what pushes a press release from a press release to relevant news is the added data you provide.

Let’s take a pertinent topic like foreclosure to provide an example. Many financial hardship law firms (bankruptcy, asset protection, etc.) have started reaching out to people losing their homes in an effort to prevent foreclosure, thus opening up a great opportunity to give seminars as en effort to bring in new cases.

Attorney John Smith in Las Vegas, Nev. may put on a seminar and write a press release about it. The standard information should be present, such as where, when, and a brief bio about Mr. Smith to provide his credentials as an expert worth listening to. All of this, of course, is very important. But the press release will be syndicated more widely if Mr. Smith also gives statistics about the local market.

The legal news release could read like this “Mr. Smith Gives Seminar on Foreclosure in Las Vegas on Tuesday”. However, it has a better chance to get picked up more widely if worded like this, “Las Vegas Foreclosures Skyrocket – Attorney Offers Free Seminar to Save Homes”.

The first title is a little dull but to the point. The second title sparks interest.

In the body of that news release, the law firm must not disappoint. Providing foreclosure rates and comparative information between Las Vegas and other major U.S. cities will give news value to the piece. Maybe highlight some successful cases and a little information about some of the laws that are available to help homeowners.

Bundled up in a 400-word press release is an interest in the topic and information on attending the seminar.

Making your law firm’s press releases sound like news is how you make the news work for your law firm.

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