» A Simple Way to Get SEO Value from Your Legal News Release

A Simple Way to Get SEO Value from Your Legal News Release

Posted on: Jan 17, 2011

A press release distribution routine is a viable way to build links back to your law firm’s website. It is also a great way to drive traffic to your site.

The best type of link to have pointing back to your site is a hyperlinked keyphrase. Keyphrases that are hyperlinked tell Google what your website is relevant to. If Google sees a lot of links pointing to a site that say “Boston divorce attorney”, “St Louis business lawyer”, etc, over time they will identify your website with that keyphrase.

An easy way to include keyphrases into your press release is by using them after a quote. For example, rather than having a quote followed by “said attorney, John Smith” have it end with “said Kansas city elder law attorney, John Smith” (using your own keyword of course).

This is an easy way to include links into the body of your press release without compromising the reader’s experience. You should also use a legal news distribution server like Lawfirmnewswire.com that allows hyperlinked keyphrases in press releases.

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