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Catchy Titles Catch Conducive Cases Quicker

Posted on: Jan 24, 2011

To get the most of your legal news releases, we have put together a checklist to help you draft a catchy title that will reel in readers. While your press release may get distributed across a strong network of websites, news outlets, social networks, and blogs, if your title is not interesting, the release will not bring in the readers.

1) Who do you want to read this press release? If it is colleagues, you can use terms that are often exchanged among other lawyers. This will attract a niche audience of your colleagues and not the general public.

2) Do you want new cases from this press release? If you want new cases, you need to think less about other attorneys in your practice area and more about your ideal client.

3) What is your client searching for? Generally, people search for an attorney who focuses on what they need. If you are a family lawyer, you should know that people in need do not search for a “family lawyer”. They are going to search for a “custody attorney”, “divorce lawyer”, “adoption attorney”, and so on.

4) Does your name need to be in the press release title? If you are wanting people who already know about your firm to see something you have done, then placing your law firm’s name in the title would be wise. However, if you want to attract an audience that needs an attorney but does not know of your firm, you need a title that talks about what you do. Tell them about your law firm in the press release, not in the title.

Including keyphrases in your title will yield traffic from readers who search in Google News and other outlets who would otherwise not find your press release if you had headlined your law firm’s name.

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