» Two Legal News Release Writing Taboos

Two Legal News Release Writing Taboos

Posted on: Jan 3, 2011

When writing a press release for your law firm, you have to be interesting, direct the topic and language towards your target clientele, but also make sure you follow some rules.

While your press release goes into Google News, Topix, LawLink, and dozens of other networks and websites, it needs to get manually syndicated to build those rich relevant inbound links to your website. That means, you have to have quality news content to get your legal news release to grow legs and build links.

Here are two common taboos that will most certainly stop your press release from going beyond your desktop.

1) Nobody wants to read an advertisement.

“New Orleans Attorney, Joe Smith Helps Injured Clients Get Compensation”

This is an advertisement. Nobody is going to publish this on their website and build links back to Mr. Smith’s website. Instead of a blatant advertisement, Mr. Smith can comment on legislative changes dealing with personal injury, send out a press release about a faulty seat belt, airbag, or breaking system that may potential injure motorists, or talk about dangerous road conditions in New Orleans. This is all useful information that people can use.

Within the copy of that press release, Mr. Smith could be quoted as saying things like “I have represented victims who have been involved in serious accidents due to these dangerous pot holes on city streets.” Now, his readers know Mr. Smith is a personal injury lawyer in New Orleans and what he has experience in.

He informed the reader, shared useful information, all while getting exposure for him and his firm.

2) There is no “I” in “news”.

Personal language should only be used in quotations. When you are reading a newspaper, the reporter only uses “I”, “me”, “we”, and “us” when quoting a news subject. The only time an author uses language like that outside of a quote is if they are a columnist. Your news release can be about your personal commentary on a matter, but those comments should be in a quote.

Of course there are more things to avoid when writing a press release but these are the most common and most damaging. Remember, it’s all about spreading the word and making your legal news syndicate as much as possible.

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