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Writing the Right Stuff for Legal Press Releases

Posted on: Feb 28, 2011

When writing a press release for your law firm, you should focus on topics that will convert readers into new cases. An online press release is more for the direct reader than the press. Historically, press releases would go to newsrooms and possibly be picked up by a journalist. The journalist would interview the company that submitted the press release and write a story.

In today’s modern world of news distribution, you eliminate the middle-man by submitting your news directly to the public. Readers will find your story on Google News, Topix, social networks like Twitter and Facebook, and sometimes thousands of (more…)

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How News Releases Attract E-mail Visitors

Posted on: Feb 21, 2011

When Law Firm Newswire clients review their website statistics, they often wonder why their news release attracts so much traffic from e-mail providers. While news releases do go out through Law Firm Newswire’s weekly e-mail update (must subscribe to get receive update), that is not the primary source.

Google Alerts allows individuals to subscribe to certain keyphrases based on topics of interest. When a new page is indexed in Google, a new blog entry is sent to Google Blog Search, or a news item is posted in Google News, an e-mail goes out to the Google Alerts subscriber. Some subscribers ask for (more…)

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Your Blog and Press Releases Can Work Together

Posted on: Feb 14, 2011

Many law firms are using blogs to keep their websites fresh, updated, and relevant to their target market. But the best blogs are the ones that are read, and there is no better way to attract those readers than by connecting your blog with your press releases.

Law Firm Newswire offers such a feature through their Premium News Release level, which allows you to import your blog’s feed into your press release. This feed stays on Law Firm Newswire permanently and will always display the top three most recent blog entries.

For example, your law firm sponsors a local event. You send (more…)

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Hyperlink Keyphrases in Your Press Releases for Maximum SEO Value

Posted on: Feb 8, 2011

Press releases help your law firm gain exposure for your particular practice area. By getting into Google News, dozens of social networks and news sites, your law firm is exposed to thousands of readers. The other side of broadcasting your legal news is what it can do for your search engine optimization.

With every site your press release is fully published on, you have an opportunity to hyperlink a valuable keyphrase. Therefore, you should make sure you are linking a keyphrase that matters.

For an example, we will use a business attorney in Seattle. This law firm is submitting a press release (more…)

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