» Hyperlink Keyphrases in Your Press Releases for Maximum SEO Value

Hyperlink Keyphrases in Your Press Releases for Maximum SEO Value

Posted on: Feb 8, 2011

Press releases help your law firm gain exposure for your particular practice area. By getting into Google News, dozens of social networks and news sites, your law firm is exposed to thousands of readers. The other side of broadcasting your legal news is what it can do for your search engine optimization.

With every site your press release is fully published on, you have an opportunity to hyperlink a valuable keyphrase. Therefore, you should make sure you are linking a keyphrase that matters.

For an example, we will use a business attorney in Seattle. This law firm is submitting a press release regarding a lawsuit they just settled for a client. After setting up an account at LawFirmNewswire.com, they post the press release and are asked which keywords to assign to the news piece. Many attorneys make the mistake of using “lawyer” or “attorney”, but those terms are not going to get you onto the front page.

In the body of your press release, use quotes as an opportunity to use hyperlinked keyphrases. Here is an example:

“We said from the beginning that our client was targeted by the attorney general for political reasons and that they did nothing wrong. The courts have now confirmed that,” said Seattle business lawyer, Jonathan Smith.

By referring to Mr. Smith as a “Seattle business lawyer”, Law Firm Newswire can now hyperlink “Seattle business lawyer” to www.example.com, thus giving the firm real search engine optimization value in their news release.

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