» Your Blog and Press Releases Can Work Together

Your Blog and Press Releases Can Work Together

Posted on: Feb 14, 2011

Many law firms are using blogs to keep their websites fresh, updated, and relevant to their target market. But the best blogs are the ones that are read, and there is no better way to attract those readers than by connecting your blog with your press releases.

Law Firm Newswire offers such a feature through their Premium News Release level, which allows you to import your blog’s feed into your press release. This feed stays on Law Firm Newswire permanently and will always display the top three most recent blog entries.

For example, your law firm sponsors a local event. You send out a press release about sponsoring the event that goes out through Law Firm Newswire’s expansive network of websites and third party networks like Google News, Topix, and LawLink. You include the blog feed URL (generally www.example.com/blog/feed) and Law Firm Newswire does the rest.

When someone find your press release on Law Firm Newswire months or years after the original publishing, the bottom of the release will display the three most recent blog entries from your site.

This feature is just one way that Law Firm Newswire helps you get longevity from your news releases and maximize the value of your investment.

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