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Mailing Address in Press Releases Can Help Local SEO

Posted on: Mar 28, 2011

One of the items that Google looks for when determining local profile rankings is the citation of the business’s information on other websites. The other websites that carry the most weight are other local engines (Yelp, Superpages, Yahoo! Local, etc). However, other websites mentioning your business information also help. That is where press releases come in.

If Google sees your law firm’s information on many websites and local search engines, it verifies the validity of your contact information.

Say your information is as follows:

Law Firm Name, LLP
1234 Winning Cases Ave
Tampa, FL 33602

Google seeing that in just their Google Places profile does not (more…)

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No News is a Good Way to Stop Getting Traffic to Your Law Firm’s Website

Posted on: Mar 21, 2011

The old adage of “No News is Good News” may apply when not hearing from in-laws or eccentric siblings, but when it comes to law firm marketing, More News is Good News.

A steady stream of news releases need to be regularly flowing out of your law firm. It keeps your firm present in Google News and other aggregators while driving links back to your website. But what do you do when your firm does not have any news to release?

Make news.

We are not talking about taking a lesson from the 1976 MGM film, “Network”, and start yelling absurdities to the public (more…)

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Where Press Releases Go to be Seen

Posted on: Mar 14, 2011

When sending out news and press releases for your firm, its important to know where they are going and how people will find them. As we have covered in the past, press releases help build inbound links and drive visitors to your law firm’s website. Where are these readers and visitors coming from?

First, your news must go into Google News. Google News has become the replacement newspaper for many people, as the service aggregates multiple news sources. Plus, it is search driven. This means that people read news based on the topics they are looking for, thus making that traffic (more…)

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Syndication of News Equals Syndication of Links

Posted on: Mar 7, 2011

To fully understand the value of press releases as a part of your search engine optimization, you need to first take out the press. More appropriately titled news releases serve a twofold purpose to your law firm’s marketing goals.

First, they provide exposure. When submitting a press release (or news release), it goes to dozens of social networks, news agreggators like Topix, and news sources like Google News, as well as hundreds of subscribing websites. This gets your law firm’s name out and your story read.

The second part of online news releases is what makes them a strong search engine optimization tool. (more…)

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