» No News is a Good Way to Stop Getting Traffic to Your Law Firm’s Website

No News is a Good Way to Stop Getting Traffic to Your Law Firm’s Website

Posted on: Mar 21, 2011

The old adage of “No News is Good News” may apply when not hearing from in-laws or eccentric siblings, but when it comes to law firm marketing, More News is Good News.

A steady stream of news releases need to be regularly flowing out of your law firm. It keeps your firm present in Google News and other aggregators while driving links back to your website. But what do you do when your firm does not have any news to release?

Make news.

We are not talking about taking a lesson from the 1976 MGM film, “Network”, and start yelling absurdities to the public to get attention. Instead, the need for news releases can be used as a motivating factor to do other things that help your law firm grow.

For example, several years ago Law Firm Newswire’s parent company, Adviatech, had an attorney who continued to have trouble sending out news releases as he was not very involved in anything newsworthy. So they told him to host a seminar at his office once a month and write a press release about it. He already had a presentation made that he used when talking directly to a new prospective client so all he had to do was schedule one evening a month, pick up some snacks and refreshments from the donut shop and spend an hour giving this presentation.

Even if nobody went to the seminar at first, he would still getting news out every month that was helping his search engine optimization goal of building links to his website.

As it turned out, by doing the seminars every month, he was able to get a newsworthy press release out every 30 days. Plus, by announcing the seminar through the press releases, he got a few attendees to his seminars every month.

The seminars became a strong part of his legal marketing strategy. Doing them helped his search engine optimization because of the news releases. By announcing the seminar through the news releases, he got attendees. And by getting attendees to his monthly seminars, he earned the trust of new clients.

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