» Syndication of News Equals Syndication of Links

Syndication of News Equals Syndication of Links

Posted on: Mar 7, 2011

To fully understand the value of press releases as a part of your search engine optimization, you need to first take out the press. More appropriately titled news releases serve a twofold purpose to your law firm’s marketing goals.

First, they provide exposure. When submitting a press release (or news release), it goes to dozens of social networks, news agreggators like Topix, and news sources like Google News, as well as hundreds of subscribing websites. This gets your law firm’s name out and your story read.

The second part of online news releases is what makes them a strong search engine optimization tool. The syndication of links.

When you are publishing a news release hyperlinking the keyphrase “city divorce lawyer” or “city business attorney” and that news release is picked up by news site A and legal blog B, those hyperlinked keyphrases now point back to your website, thus yielding two inbound links (one from A and one from B).

Regular news releases will improve your chances of syndication and improve your inbound links, thus helping your website’s search engine ranking move higher.

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