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Where Press Releases Go to be Seen

Posted on: Mar 14, 2011

When sending out news and press releases for your firm, its important to know where they are going and how people will find them. As we have covered in the past, press releases help build inbound links and drive visitors to your law firm’s website. Where are these readers and visitors coming from?

First, your news must go into Google News. Google News has become the replacement newspaper for many people, as the service aggregates multiple news sources. Plus, it is search driven. This means that people read news based on the topics they are looking for, thus making that traffic as valuable as search engine traffic to your website.

Another great news outlet is Topix. Through its network, Topix introduces your news to local readers. This makes your reader regionally targeted and oftentimes acts as a valuable vehicle in syndicating your news releases (thus further helping your link building).

Finally, we have niche networks. The Law Firm Newswire niche network targets specific practice area content to relevant websites, blogs, and news sources. This means that a press release in the “divorce” category is going to a group of websites and blogs that a personal injury press release will not go to, as personal injury news will go through its own niche network.

Every press release goes out to 30 base networks with their own subscriber networks, plus our quickly growing niche networks. To show how valuable this is, we sampled some press releases from the week of February 28 to March 4 in three different practice areas to see how many times the headline was syndicated.

The number on the right is the number of times the headline republished in Google

Date: 03/01/11
Practice Area/Category: Personal Injury/Wrongful Death
Syndicated: 6,860

Practice Area/Category: Special Needs Planning
Syndicated: 1,550

Practice Area/Category: Divorce (regional focus)
Syndicated: 2,630

Practice Are/Category: Estate Planning (national focus)
Syndicated: 78,300

A combination of large distribution networks and niche networks make these numbers possible. Optimizing the titles of those news releases and distributing them through popular categories play significant roles in those syndication numbers.

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