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Keywords Can Lift Performance of Attorney Press Releases

Posted on: Apr 25, 2011

The success of a press release is measured by the response it receives. That response depends on the number of readers exposed to the press release. This is a combination of network and keywords.

While Law Firm Newswire publishes each press release to a large network of sites and distribution centers, many of those locations are keyword based. Places like Google News and Topix show press releases relevant to search queries. With Topix, region is also a factor. If your press release properly utilizes popular (and relevant) keywords, your press release will receive more readers.

Always try to include a keyword in the (more…)

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Get Involved to Create Legal News

Posted on: Apr 18, 2011

One of the ways some law firms come up with regular news topics is by encouraging their lawyers and employees to be involved in the community. Press releases related to community involvement help spread good will toward your firm while also assisting with your news centered legal marketing strategy.

A monthly volunteer activity, sponsorship at an event, or even a member of your staff participating in a charity golf tournament can provide the topics needed to draft a compelling press release.

On top of getting the normal online exposure through Google News, Social Networks, Lawlink, Topix, and the hundreds of other outlets (more…)

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Pictures in Press Releases Improve Readership

Posted on: Apr 11, 2011

This week’s press release tip is pretty basic. Send a picture. Online press releases reach an audience that may be searching for your area of practice and see your news on another related website. Many websites that publish legal news also pull in associated media (images and videos).

By placing a relevant image in your press release, you help it stand out among other news items, thus encouraging more readers to click on it and contact your firm.

However, images do not stop at headshots and logos. Using images related to the topic can help improve readership. If the news release is about (more…)

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Quotes Carry Weight in Legal News Releases

Posted on: Apr 4, 2011

Law offices with multiple attorneys have an opportunity to give their press releases a little extra credit. By quoting multiple attorneys on a topic, your news appears more creditable and could rank higher in news engines.

When reading good stories in respected newspapers, you generally see more than one quote. If you were interested in a topic and journalists only talked to one person, it would seem as though they did not do their homework and your trust in their ability to report a story would be jeopardized. Treating your law firm’s news releases as news stories will encourage more syndication and (more…)

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