» Pictures in Press Releases Improve Readership

Pictures in Press Releases Improve Readership

Posted on: Apr 11, 2011

This week’s press release tip is pretty basic. Send a picture. Online press releases reach an audience that may be searching for your area of practice and see your news on another related website. Many websites that publish legal news also pull in associated media (images and videos).

By placing a relevant image in your press release, you help it stand out among other news items, thus encouraging more readers to click on it and contact your firm.

However, images do not stop at headshots and logos. Using images related to the topic can help improve readership. If the news release is about a technology case, use imagery related to technology. Injury? Find images related to accidents and injuries.

Go to a stock house like Fotolia or iStock Photo and purchase Royalty Free images to post with your press releases. Many of these are $1 to $5, which is a small investment to improve your news readership.

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